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Professor Roza Pati Challenges Nursing Students to Combat Human Trafficking

By May 8, 2019News

Dr. Roza Pati, Professor of Law and Director of the John J. Brunetti Human Trafficking Academy focused on the essential role of nurses and other health care professionals in identifying, treating and connecting victims of human trafficking to vital services.  “Studies have shown that 88% of victims report seeking health services while they were being trafficked. You could be liberating a modern slave,” she said.  Professor Pati challenged the faculty in the nursing program to include human trafficking modules in their curriculum, and she invited the nursing students to take up pioneering initiatives that would bring about indispensable transformation in the protocols of victim identification and treatment of trafficking victims.  “This is your moral obligation, your legal obligation and a St. Thomas University obligation.  At the center of everything we do at St. Thomas is the dignity of every person, and of the whole person – in its physical, mental and spiritual dimensions.”

The symposium titled “Connecting Nursing Education to Practice: Catalyzing Transformational Global Nursing Leaders, Lifelong Learning and Evidence-Based Practice through Collaboration,” was organized by the nursing program of St. Thomas University School of Science.  It aimed at providing a multidisciplinary platform for discussion and debate among professionals of various disciplines: faculty, students, health care providers, policymakers, researchers and expert leaders in practice and academia.  The symposium addressed some of the current challenges and opportunities for health care professionals, including their engagement in combatting human trafficking.

The John J. Brunetti Human Trafficking Academy is committed to educating and training professionals of various disciplines with the understanding that an integral human development approach is the most effective way in combatting human trafficking and in respecting and ensuring human rights and human dignity for all.