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Professor Catharine A. MacKinnon Lectures at Summer Human Trafficking Academy

By September 2, 2020News

The John J. Brunetti Human Trafficking Academy of St. Thomas University School of Law was honored to host Professor Dr. Catharine A. MacKinnon of Harvard Law School as an expert instructor at its 2020 Summer Human Trafficking Academy, The State of Labor Trafficking Domestically and Abroad:  A Critical Assessment on the 20th Anniversary of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

Prof. MacKinnon is among the most widely-cited legal scholars in the English language and over time the most widely-cited woman.  She is a forerunner on issues of equality “predicated on eliminating dominance and subordination … MacKinnon [is] an influential legal theorist, helping to transform legal education by calling attention to issues affecting women and transforming the law for women globally by opening the legal system to their injuries and exposing the gendered basis of sex crimes.” (Encyclopedia Britannica).

MacKinnon’s Distinguished Lecture focused on The Intersections of Sex and Labor Trafficking through which she explored the intersection of poverty with sexual abuse through a detailed look at the purposes for which people are trafficked within and to the United States, ranging from the most masculinized to the most feminized purposes of their exploitation, engaging the law of sex and labor trafficking, and the development of cases, in these terms. She focused on issues of sex, gender, economic class, racism, age, and immigration status.

“As part of an academic institution of legal education, our Academy aims at offering exceptional quality training, whose premises are the right values; a training that is holistic in nature, that accentuates the integral development of every person and the whole person; that empowers the trainees with solid knowledge and skills in the field.  Such education can only be conveyed by the kind of remarkable teachers, who know to balance well the noble ideals with the raw reality.  Few can embody and masterfully deliver towards this desirable goal as Prof. Catharine MacKinnon does.  It was a honor to have Prof. MacKinnon design an original course specifically for this year’s Summer Academy,” said Dr. Roza Pati, Founder and Director of the Academy.

Prof. MacKinnon’s lecture is available below for a limited time only:

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