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Willie Montgomery III

Chief Supply Chain Officer, Sam’s Club eCommerce
Walmart, Inc.

Bentonville, Arkansas

Willie Montgomery is the Chief Supply Chain Officer for Sam’s Club eCommerce at Walmart Inc. He has been at Walmart Inc. for 12 years and is responsible for leading the omni-channel strategy and analytics, network design, engineering, operations, reverse logistics and transportation in support of all supply chain channels, including eCommerce, ambient, and perishable supply chains. He manages a multimillion dollar P&L and his organization is comprised of thousands of associates across multiple states who are committed to ensuring that Sam’s Club is the membership you will love the most by providing excellent products and services in Club, online and through mobile devices.

As a leader in data science and advanced analytics in the largest company in the world, Mr. Montgomery has been responsible for developing some of the most advanced machine learning, optimization and artificial intelligence based solutions to solve complex problems. He helped to drive cost savings while increasing revenue within the international markets and United States. He has received multiple awards for making a difference within the company. In 2015, he was the strategy and analytics lead of the “urgent agenda” initiative which produced over $1 billion in cost savings. Prior to his work in Supply Chain, he traveled frequently to China, Japan, UK, Mexico, Central America and India where he worked on multiple initiatives within merchandising, pricing, workforce management, store operations, sustainability and real estate. He currently holds six patents and continues to perform the work of a data scientist while leading his organization.

Prior to joining Walmart, Mr. Montgomery served in the United States Army Signal Corps for 13 years. He deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. His unit mobilized across Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. He is a decorated war veteran who led a team of soldiers while deployed from May 2005 to August 2006. He graduated from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, with a Bachelors and Masters in Industrial Engineering. He received the early career Alumni of the Year award within the Department of Engineering. He was also a GEM fellow in physics and engineering at the Stanford University Linear Accelerator Center in Palo Alto, CA.

Despite the demands of his career, Mr. Montgomery is also a Presidential Leadership Scholar where he learned leadership principles based on the administrations’ of President George H.W. Bush, President George W. Bush, President Bill Clinton and President Lyndon B. Johnson. As a presidential scholar he partnered with peers on initiatives in support of economic development and child poverty. He also leads a family and friends quantitative options hedge fund that is able that has a goal of generating alpha regardless of market conditions. He enjoys traveling, reading, cycling trails and roads, running, spending time with close friends, piano, coding and contributing to initiatives that focus on bringing real change to the world.