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John J. Brunetti Jr.

President, Hialeah Park
Miami, Florida

John J. Brunetti Jr. is a successful businessman, a philanthropist and a highly respected member of South Florida community. Mr. Brunetti became the President of the Hialeah Park after the passing of his father, John J. Brunetti Sr. He also directs the Brunetti Foundation.

Focusing on strategic planning, structuring, personnel and resource allocation, John J. Brunetti Jr. has been a major force in the future development and global expansion of the Brunetti Properties for the last 25 years.

After his post-university apprenticeship with his father at the Brunetti Organization, his activities expanded into the field of government affairs and corporate planning for future development of the Brunetti Properties. Operating in both Florida and New Jersey, negotiated a 450-acre, mixed-use development in Old Bridge, New Jersey, and laid the ground work for the revitalization of the real estate market in central New Jersey.

Turning his attention to the development of three major land sites in Orlando, Florida, he proceeded with the approval process of the tract of 540 acres for mixed-use development and brought forth preliminary approvals for two additional sites in Orlando, one of 1,200 acres and the other of approximately 2,300 acres.

Mr. Brunetti is the director of Amboy Bank in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

He is a graduate of the Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, the prestigious New York Military Academy, Cornwall, New York, and of the Lear School in Miami, Florida.

John J. Brunetti Jr. is member of the Board of Trustees of St. Thomas University.