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The “Too Much To Bear” Campaign

By March 21, 2024Uncategorized
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The John J. Brunetti Human Trafficking Academy partnered with the Take The Girls Back to launch the Too Much To Bear Campaign, aimed at shedding light on the harrowing reality of child trafficking, a silent epidemic plaguing community worldwide.

The campaign consisted of a teddy bear drive of donations of new and gently used teddy bears — sought to symbolize the innocence and vulnerability of the countless children affected by this appalling crime, but also our hope and dedication to end child trafficking.

On Monday, March 18th, 2024 the campaign culminated in a poignant teddy bear display at the Alberto Sotero Family Plaza at St. Thomas University College of Law. 1,627 teddy bears — symbolically representing a reported case of child trafficking maltreatment in Florida alone, as recorded by the Florida’s Abuse Hotline in 2023. The display of bears served as a stark visual reminder of the staggering number of children who are endangered by the heinous crime of human trafficking.

The significance of the display transcended its immediate impact. By inviting the community to witness the tangible representation of child trafficking statistics, we aimed to ignite a deeper conversation about the prevalence of this crime, both locally and globally. At the end of the event, every teddy bear collected was destined for centers dedicated to supporting and rehabilitating child survivors of trafficking.

The Too Much To Bear Campaign serves as a reminder of the urgency of our collective responsibility in combating child trafficking.