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Shanika Ampah, LPN

By July 1, 2019

Shanika Ampah, LPN, is a Miami native.  She is a mother, nurse, advocate, policy leader, and motivational speaker.  Currently employed as an Outreach Coordinator at the University of Miami T.H.R.I.V.E. Clinic and Kristi’s House as a Survivor Leader for Human Trafficking Division Project Gold. Ms. Ampah is living life full circle by using her life’s experiences and nursing career to help other victims and survivors. Describing these venture as a marriage between her career, passion, and purpose.

Ms. Ampah is also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and human trafficking. She is the Founder and Director of Guiding Light Outreach, Inc., a nonprofit organization that serves the community as a beacon of light to address social issues and traumatic events. Ms. Ampah identifies unaddressed social issues as doorways of vulnerabilities, which lead to traumatic events.

Shanika Ampah serves the community as a lighthouse of hope; by speaking out she believes others will seek help and should be given the resources and support needed to be healed holistically. Through strategic partnerships with many key stakeholders including The Department of Homeland Security, The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, and Miami-Dade County Health Department, in addition to partnering with various universities, colleges and local and international organizations. She knows the key to success for any organization’s mission is a collaborative effort to serve.

Ms. Ampah is an alumni of the National Human Trafficking Training and Assistance Center (NHTTAC) based in Washington, D.C., and graduated from the Human Trafficking Leadership Academy a collaborator between NHTTAC and Coro of Northern California. As she continues to acquire certifications, she understands that her voice of influence will help bring systemic and policy change. Helping sponsor a national human trafficking bill, Ms. Ampah knows that through prevention, awareness, and trainings we can lead a fight against childhood sexual abuse and human trafficking.  Her empowering and motivational speeches have reached people throughout South Florida (Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County) and various school systems. She a most sought after advocate to train professionals such as social workers, law enforcement officers, and nurses on various topics ranging sexual abuse prevention in adolescents to recognizing and identifying victims of human and sexual trafficking.

Shanika Ampah uses her experiences from the past to equip her for this journey as an overcomer and warrior.  She is quoted, “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine so that others will be ignited. Together we set ablaze a pathway of change.”